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About this program...

In case you weren’t aware, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church has had an After School Activities Program in existence since 1990. This past school year, we were fortunate enough to run the program 3 days vs. 2, provide transportation from the school to the church for active kids as well as have tutors on site to assist with homework. 


This program is a juvenile detention prevention program that targets youth who are functioning below grade level who are at risk of failing state assessment in one or more areas.


The A.S.A.P. regular schedule during the school year includes:

• Homework/Study Time – concentrating on homework completion and individual

tutoring in areas of need to be completed before moving on to other activities.


Food – a balanced meal following homework/study

  • Individual counseling as needed

  • Computer access and training

  • Recreation – Physical activities, art, crafts and a variety of games will provide a time of fun with an emphasis on structure and discipline understand the life-long value of education
    or the broad range of life skills needed for successful living.

  • We even try to do things during the Summer.


It is critical that the whole family be involved in the process. Therefore, parents or guardians must sign an agreement that they understand we will suggest referrals for family counseling sessions should we will the need arises.


A.S.A.P. has the full support of the El Campo Independent School District as well as many local organizations including the City and County governments, Tri-County Coalition for Literacy and Community Services, numerous churches, service organizations and the community in general.

Contact for more information. 

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